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Saturday, October 25, 2008


this is a statue of billy the kid in hamilton, tx. we stopped for a picture op on our way to diamond j's annual celebration!

dove hunting

alan, larry, grayson, me, and my parents went dove huniting on opening day at my aunt elaine's ranch in ranger, texas. we had so much fun and we even got a few dove. elaine and dave made us feel at home and cooked breakfast for us and let us join in skeet shooting. i didn't get any pictures of alan and larry b/c they were already in their "hunting" spots when i got the camera out.

here are the totals:
alan: 7 : his goal was 10 so he got close! he definitely did better than last year.
grayson: 0 : of course - he's a baby.
larry: 0 : it was a new gun so that is ok!
jennifer 3 my first time to actually get any - i was so excited!
daddy 4 i almost beat my dad! i think i surprised him.

happy birthday daddy and mammaw

my dad's birthday and my grandmother's birthday are both on october 4th so we always celebrate them together. this year we had celebrated at el fenix. happy birthday!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

grayson's first sleepover

grayson stayed overnight at larry and evelyn's house for the first time on 10/17. i'm pretty sure he didn't miss alan and i at all! we missed him though. i knew he was in good hands but i just like seeing him and playing with him so it was a little hard. it was odd not having to think about diapers, and feeding schedule, and things like that. it was definitely nice to have a break and to be able to sleep in with my hubby! thank you evelyn and larry!

grayson update

our baby is growing so fast. he is in 12-18 month clothes now and is crawling all over the place. he loves peek-a-boo and peeking around objects. he has a big smile that lights up his whole face! his favorite place at work is asleep is in his grandpa's arms listening to him sing "you are my sunshine." he giggles when i read to him and looks at every page intently. he loves going to work with me and getting to see his daddy during the day. we are so blessed!

fishing at hamm's creek

alan and i took an impromptu fishing trip on a friday afternoon a few weeks ago to hamm's creek. i spotted four deer running down the creek bed and alan caught a few fish.
does it look bigger if it is closer to the camera?

Papa Gene

my grandfather holding grayson for the first time. grayson was somewhere between six weeks old and 3 months. he passed away on oct. 17. gene morris milstead.